Monday, September 25, 2017

Stay Tuned for Updates on November Sales...

Look for the addition of new organic fruits and vegetables like tomatoes, string beans, and ears of corn.
With the holidays coming soon, let's join forces to send them in with a bang! Place your order just in time for the holidays.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Enter for a Chance to Win S.E.E. Foods Sweepstakes Drawing

Good Day NCCU EAGLE Community!!!
This Is What’s UP: Tuition Hikes
This is What's Down: Federal And State Funding for Summer Semester.
Sustainable Eagle Enterprises is diligently working to correct these economic and academic inequities.
Here is just one way how: 100 orders of locally grown Muscadine grapes from our vineyard supplier Herndon Hills Farms, will net $100.00 Directly designated for a new Summer School Tuition Fund! Any patron who buys at least one pound of either Muscadine variety will be entered into a drawing to receive another pound of grapes free, after replying to the following important dietary and nutritional health question. There will be three individual drawings and each customer Will have an entry ticket for every pound of grapes purchased by sending one email to: champs200b@gmail.com.
To earn a Contest ticket, please briefly answer: “What do medical researchers conclude about the medical benefits of an important antioxidant found in native species muscadine grapes?”
All customers and /or contest participants: S.E.E.’s Community Supported Agriculture Vineyard produce supplier informed us that their local Grape season will be ending within the next two weeks; due to extensive consumer demand for their grapes! Therefore, if NCCU Community members will order a minimum weight of 100 lbs. of grapes today (Wednesday, September 13, 2017,) S.E.E. Vendors will be picking on Thursday, at 9am on September 14, 2017.
Alternatively, if necessary we can collect orders up to next Monday, September 18th. This will allow all orders to be delivered for pick up on Tuesday September 19th. We Will have all freshly picked and chilled grapes ready for customers to pick up only at the outside courtyard next to the Student Union Recreation Room.
Patrons and supporters who bought muscadines at the August CSA market said they were Very satisfied! Mr. Hughes, our CSA vegetable farmer at Pine Knot Farms, says that their Signature Quality Purple, White and Red sweet potatoes will be freshly picked, cured and ready for S.E.E.’s October market TBA in the 2nd or 3rd week!
You do Not have to participate in the Sweepstakes Drawing or the Email Question Contest Qualifier to order muscadines. In order to raise a $100 scholarship donation S.E.E. needs to receive payment for a minimum of 100 lbs. of high quality organically raised muscadine grapes at $4.00/ lb.
This price is 25% - 33% below the local market price for muscadines grapes of similar quality!!
We thank Everyone for your continued well wishes…and for Your previous purchases from five Market Trips that have enabled $660.00 donated for NCCU student scholarships!!!
Let’s Go Eagles: Nike 100 Pounds = $100 Scholarship Funds Contest ~~~ Merci… Bueacoups!

Friday, August 4, 2017

S.E.E. FOODS August 2017 Sales

Friends, Patrons and Supporters!!! Sustainable Eagle Enterprises Vendors now have corn, string beans, tomatoes, Squash-Zucchini, and Muscadine/Scuppernong grapes!!!
Please order by Tuesday, August 22 to be one of 35 total orders in order to pick up your Guaranteed Fresh Organic Produce at the NCCU Student Union on Thursday, August 24 from 4 to 6 pm.
All orders must be prepaid and picked up on delivery day. Produce not picked up will be donated to local food shelters. All produce is picked fresh, refrigerated at Pine Knot Farms and vended within 48 hours!
S.E.E's Fall Season Prices are as follows:
Corn - 12 Ears of corn - $6.00/half bushel;
Collards - $2.00/lb;
Kale - $3.00/lb;
Cabbage - $2.00/lb [2 lb min. head];
Sweet Potatoes - $2.00/lb;
String Beans - $4.00/lb;
Squash-Zucchini $2.00/lb;
Tomatoes $3.00/lb; and
Muscadines (purple), Scuppernogs (green-gold) - $4.00/lb.
Check Sustainable Eagle Enterprises or SEE FOODS BLOG on Facebook.
Make payments through Paypal by logging into your PayPal account or by typing the words "Paypal" in the search engine box. You can also pay via cash or certified check by calling LeDarrell Murray at 984-888-7049 or by sending an email message to www.champs200b@gmail.com.
Finally, our company appreciates your allowing S.E.E.'s vendors to learn how to best serve each of you! Please fill out the S.E.E. Foods Customer Survey located on the this blog.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Happy Summer 2017

Stay Tuned for Details for August 2017 Sales

Look for the addition of new organic fruits and vegetables like scuppernong and muscadine grapes. Also, tomatoes, string beans, and ears of corn. With summer soon coming to an end, let's join forces to send it out with a bang! Place your order just in time for the Labor Day weekend.